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Romance In The Air n Cadbury Celebration combo
₹ 1899 ₹ 1899
Pure Love N Sweet Pal Combo
₹ 925 ₹ 925
Romantic Red N Chocolate Combo
₹ 1845 ₹ 1845
Enthralling Red & Sweet Pal
₹ 1675 ₹ 1675
Always Yours N Celebration Combo
₹ 3999 ₹ 3999
Pure Affection N Rocher Combo
₹ 3499 ₹ 3499
Sweet Twenty N Teddy Combo
₹ 1299 ₹ 1299
Love Century n Teddy Combo
₹ 5599 ₹ 5599
Ever-So-Beautiful Chocolates Combo
₹ 1975 ₹ 1975
Be Mine n Celebration combo
₹ 2499 ₹ 2499
Romance In The Air n Teddy Combo
₹ 1825 ₹ 1825
Sweet Twenty N Celebration Combo
₹ 1349 ₹ 1349
Pure Love N Cadbury Celebration Combo
₹ 999 ₹ 999
Enthralling Red n Rocher Combo
₹ 2249 ₹ 2249
Always Yours N Teddy Combo
₹ 3999 ₹ 3999
Sign of Love N Celebration Combo
₹ 975 ₹ 975
Romance In The Air n Rocher Combo
₹ 2499 ₹ 2499
Enthralling Red n Celebration combo
₹ 1625 ₹ 1625
Love Is In The Air n Cadbury Celebration
₹ 1125 ₹ 1125
Romantic Red N Sweet Pal Combo
₹ 1225 ₹ 1225
Be Mine n Sweet Pal
₹ 2275 ₹ 2275
Platinum Heart N Teddy Combo
₹ 3799 ₹ 3799
Platinum Heart N Celebration combo
₹ 3999 ₹ 3999
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Order flowers with cake or teddy bear combo, delivery in Nellore

Want to deliver a combo of flowers, cake and a teddy bear to Nellore? At Flora Zone we enable you to create or select a combo gift comprising of various gift-items that can be delivered as a collective representation of your thoughts and emotions.

Just imagine, how your loved one, your friend, your teacher, your sister or brother, your husband or wife, your colleague, or for that matter, anyone you want to communicate your love, affection and appreciation to, would feel when he or she receives a package full of flowers, sweetness of a cake, nuggets of chocolate, and softness of a teddy bear. Such a feeling cannot be described in words, but it can only be imagined, and felt, of course.

On Flora Zone you find the best combo of flowers, cakes and soft toys that you can order online

We source our flowers from the best flower suppliers in Nellore. We source our cakes from the best bakeries that supply the freshest cakes and other cake products. We get our soft toys from manufacturers and suppliers who have great passion for making toys that really touch hearts. You see, when it comes to helping you express your strongest and tenderest feelings, we want to leave no stones unturned.

Combos allow you to capture the entire essence of what you want to communicate. Choose the right bunch of flowers, choose the right cake, and choose the right soft toy and there you have got it, the perfect combo for the perfect occasion.

Combos also allow you to create custom gifts. Although we have a very comprehensive collection of pre-made bouquets, cakes and soft toys, sometimes you want to create something really unique. Something that is spontaneous, drawn from the confines of the moment you’re staring at your computer screen or your mobile screen. You just want to pick and choose.

At Flora Zone we can deliver your perfect gift right at the doorstep of your loved one. Our express delivery can deliver your combo gift on the very same day, the next day, and even at midnight. The flowers that you choose will be beautifully wrapped and the cake that you choose will too be exquisitely packed.

Want a custom message on top of your cake? Sure, you can have that.

In fact, all the features that you can get from our “cakes” section, you can avail even while creating your combo gift. Just add everything to the shopping cart, enter the necessary details, and your combo gift of flowers, cake, chocolates and the soft toy (you don’t necessarily have to include all four, but why not?) will be promptly delivered at any place in Nellore.

International delivery of flowers, cakes, chocolates and soft toys combos to Nellore

Don’t let the tyranny of distance stop you from sending an enchanting gift of flowers, cakes, chocolates and soft toys to the object of your affection, devotion or appreciation. No matter where you are, no matter what time zone you are in, no matter what currency you use. As long as you can log onto the Internet and access our website, you can place your combo order online and get your gift delivered in Nellore.

Which occasion? Any.

A great thing about creating combos of flowers, cakes and soft toys is that they are suitable to every occasion under the sun. You can send them for every festival. You can send them for Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid, Valentine’s Day (but, of course), friendship day, birthday, anniversary, “get well soon” and millions of other reasons that can only pop-up inside your imaginative head.

Why use Flora Zone to get combos of flowers, cakes and soft toys delivered in Nellore?

We have a wide network of suppliers and distributors spread all over Nellore. This is why we can get your combo gift of flowers, cakes, chocolates or soft toys within hours. We can even get your combo gift delivered in the middle of the night bang when someone’s birthday starts.

Also, at Flora Zone we have got the widest range you can find anywhere on the Internet, especially catering to the tastes of people of Nellore who have a very unique taste for cakes and preference for flowers and soft toys.

What about chocolates? Oh sure. You can also throw in a few pieces of premium-quality chocolate once you have created the perfect combo of flowers, cakes and soft toys.

What about India? Are you somewhere in India? You want your combo of flowers, cakes and soft toys delivered in Nellore? Why not? As we have mentioned above, you can be anywhere in the world. All you need is the ability to log on to our website.

So, let’s get started. What sort of combo do you want to create? Visit our various categories of flowers, cakes, soft toys and chocolates, add to the combo that you want to create, add the necessary details and we will dispatch your combo gift immediately, or at least, start the proceedings so that it can be sent as early as possible.

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