10 evergreen Bollywood songs that have reference to flowers

If there is a romantic poem, or even a romantic story, rarely it happens that there is no reference to a flower. Whether the person speaking or describing talks about flowers growing in the wilderness, in an enchanting garden, or from a flower shop, some way or the other, flowers are brought up continuously. What would Bollywood be without songs of eternal romance and gripping emotions, and how can songs manifest without poetry, and when it comes to poetry, the Bollywood songs are not immune to copiously bringing up flowers.
In this post we are listing 10 evergreen Bollywood songs that either talk about flowers themselves, or equate the lover of the fairer sex to some sort of flower. Read More

Different flowers and their meanings - what do they symbolize?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” the famous bard Shakespeare made Romeo say.This epochal statement may have literal truism attached to it, but the name of, and even the color of, different roses, mean different things. When you log onto an online flower delivery service website why do you think there are so many options?
Why is every available variety of flowers presented in the catalogue?
For example, why do we have different flowers at Florazone.com?
What purpose do they solve?
Why not have just one variety of a particular flower?
Is it just to show you what different types of flowers the flower delivery service website has or do different flowers hold different meanings?
Why not have just one variety of a particular flower? Read More

How to send flowers to someone you secretly love on Valentine's Day

We have all had secret crushes one time or another and frankly, there is no age for nurturing a secret lover. We don't mean to imply that you resort to stalking and start harassing people if they don't reciprocate, but every great love story begins with secret love.

This coming Valentine's Day, we are sure that there are hundreds of thousands of lovers out there who would like to send flowers to someone they secretly love. In fact, there is a long tradition of sending secret Valentine's Day flowers.

Is there something wrong in sending flowers to someone you secretly love? Read More

Why is Valentine's Day celebrated with flowers?

Come Valentine's Day and you see people of all ages, sizes and dimensions carrying flowers, especially roses. Everybody is either carrying a bunch of flowers because he or she has been gifted flowers by someone, or he or she is on his or her way to gift flowers to someone.

There is such a mad rush for giving and sending flowers on Valentine's Day that it sometimes becomes near to impossible to get flowers on this day, as most of the good flowers have been sold even by late afternoon.

So, why is Valentine's Day celebrated with flowers? Why do people want to give flowers, and why do they feel sad and dejected if they don't receive flowers on this day. Read More

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